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Speed Reading Training 
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US Armies' collaboration with LeadingEdgeSkills Training brings an exciting opportunity for individuals within the NorthEast Region. Through this partnership, participants can now join the same speed reading classes that are typically available in major metropolitan areas across the U.S. This advancement enables our clients to tap into a wealth of national knowledge and expertise, all from the comfort of their own locations.

The speed reading classes are conducted live online, offering real-time interaction with experienced instructors. These sessions go beyond traditional learning by incorporating interactive discussions that enhance the learning experience. Participants also benefit from engaging in hands-on practice labs, allowing them to apply speed reading techniques in a practical setting. Leveraging technology in a unique manner, the program uses innovative approaches to teach the art of speed reading more effectively than ever before.

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Training Delivery Options

United Training offers classes as virtual instructor-led classes. Virtual instructor-led class is a hands-on training experience with a live instructor. All students use a headset, and can freely participate in discussions with the instructor or with other students by voice or through the text-chat window using our collaborative eLearning platform. You will be provided with the courseware and other materials for the class. Within the class, you will be able to:

  • See the instructor’s lecture slides, ask questions, and provide feedback.

  • Work on virtual labs just like our United Training’s traditional instructor-led classes. You will connect into a lab, not a simulation, and be working in a live environment.

  • Hear your instructor and communicate with other students throughout the class.

  • Attend the class from your office, or from a United Training location


Contact Information

LeadingEdgeSkills Representative:

Wadee Nasir

Office: 818-742-8152

LES Training Help Desk

​​Please contact the United Training VILT Help Desk if you encounter any problems logging in to your class.


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