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Why Choose Leading Edge Skills?

The transformation of skills and capacity from old to new requirements has always been very challenging for those who have ambitions but no clear path to start their journey.  Most of the training academies and schools offer courses that sound alien to the new joiners. In addition, the huge cost of these courses and their longer time frame to complete, make the prospects intimidated and they usually defer the idea of improving their skills. Further, in many cases, those who attend these programs, feel their self less prepared and find a big gap in their skills than what is required at the job they are looking for.

We feel pride in offering programs that are aligned with the exact requirements of the job market and are designed to complete in a minimal time period but not compromising on the quality of the programs.  We have a clear objective of improving the skills and enhancing the capacity of our graduates to successfully grab the desired job and be successful in performing their functions.  


Leading Edge Skills is the place where our students can feel at home while going through our online – Instructor-led programs as we help them navigate without fear through online tools and devices while focusing on the core contents of the program. We ensure our graduates develop strong conceptual depth while gaining mastery in their hands-on skills.Please feel free to reach out to our registration team for any questions and an online tour of our programs









Data Analyst Instructor

Our instructor for this program has over 15 years of experience in analyzing data, Processes, and programs in a wide array of industries including Telecom, Health, technology, Energy, Supply Chain, Education, Manufacturing & Distribution, and the Public Sector.  He has led the implementation of highly complex and state of the art technologies while working for the leading companies including IBM, Deloitte, and Apple. In addition to his technical expertise, he has been a trainer for the esteemed schools of North America and has been associated with SAP University Alliance Program.

Accounting Instructor

Our instructor for this program has 20 years of experience in Accounting and Tax services within California. He is a certified Pro in QuickBooks and understands tips and tricks to work through complex business scenarios.  In his early career, he had an opportunity to work for Google and renowned consulting firms. He is known for imparting training in the least stressful manner but ensuring participants have complete hands-on to be successful at the workplace.

Cyber Security Instructor

Our Instructor for Cyber Security has over 10 years of experience working in the IT industry. He has extensive experience in managing and directing IT operations, infrastructure, and protection of data, networks, and communication channels. A proven track record of successfully designing and implementing IT solutions to a variety of business challenges in unique and cost-effective ways while clearly communicating those solutions.  He has created data center builds, high availability file systems, servers desktops, network and telecom equipment, and application troubleshooting. He has been trained and knowledgeable in the implementation and best practices of HIPPA Compliance and Microsoft Project Management Methodologies.

AWS Instructor

Our instructor is an IT Operations Manager and Technology Support engineer with over 16 years of experience in designing, deploying, and support of IT solutions.  she has worked with IT infrastructure in both academic and enterprise environments. She has held several IT positions for Fortune 500 companies such as Apple, Comcast, and AT&T.  

She has sound expertise in sharing complex technical knowledge in easy-to-learn videos including topics on Information Technology, IT Security, Operating Systems, Virtualization, Cybersecurity, and Cloud Technology.

In a previous life, Olivia spent 15 years as a college educator and Webmaster.  She is passionate to pass her knowledge of the latest technologies to those who can make the best use of the acquired skills for themselves and for the communities they represent.  

We are honored to have esteem visionary and technical team members who have vast experience in Technology, Business, and Art. They have been successful leaders in a wide array of industries within private and public sectors while working for world-class organizations.

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