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Student Self-Evaluation Questions
Did you complete all assignments/Quizzes for this course
Instructor-Related Questions
The instructor clearly presented the skills, tools, concepts, and techniques
The instructor answered my questions and helped me understand the course material
The instructor provided guidance to help students understand assignments
How do you rate Instructors' technical and domain knowledge
The instructor engaged the class in productive discussions
How would you rate the overall effectiveness of the instructor’s teaching
Course-Related Questions
The course material was well-suited to the level of the class
The course assignments and lectures corresponded well
The course's organization was helpful and sensible
The course (or section) assignments and lectures usefully complemented each other
The course (or section) instructions (including, manuals, videos, links, recordings, etc.) were clear
I 'm satisfied with the course and Instructor so far.
I would highly recommend this course to other students
How do you rate our registration and scholarship process
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