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Digital Marketing


This new age and the technology it has brought forth, has changed how people work, live and play. Marketing is at the centre of any product or service, to get recognized and make profits. Jobs in digital marketing are in high demand as companies are looking to stand out amongst the clutter and competition. Once you complete this course, not only will you understand key concepts and techniques in digital marketing; but you will also have real life content for your portfolio. Finally, you will create your own personal website, to include the amazing projects you will create throughout the course. In addition, you will get to update your LinkedIn with all the new skills and certificates you have acquired. Needless to say, once you complete this course, you will be ready to apply for jobs and standout amongst other applicants.

Duration: 40 Hours


Module 1: Introduction to Digital Marketing

This will be an introduction to digital marketing and digital marketing concepts and techniques.



I.      Introduction to digital marketing

II.     Knowing the customer

III.   Search Engine Optimization

IV.   Social Media and Content Marketing

V.    Create a Product/Service



I.      Forms of Online Marketing

II.     E-Mail Marketing

III.   Marketing and Analytics Tools

IV.   Search Engine Ranking and Keyword Search



I.      Different types of SEO

II.     Data and Metadata

III.   Webpage Data and Behaviours



I.      SEO techniques

II.     Website Architecture

III.   SEO tips and tricks


Module 2: Be a Digital Marketer

This will allow you to experience digital marketing in real life. You will create and analyze ads in the most popular platforms. You will also learn how to create attractive content for promotion.



I.      Google Ads

II.     Metrics and Analytics

III.   Optimizing Ads

IV.   Google Display Network (GDN)



I.      Utilizing GDN

II.     Setting up Google Analytics

III.   Google Data Studio and Reports

IV.   Google Analytics Certificate



I.      Social Media Marketing (SMM)

II.     Tips and Tools for SMM

III.   Facebook Ads

IV.   Create a Facebook Ad



I.      Youtube Ranking and Keyword Searches

II.     Youtube Content Creation

III.   Creator Studio

IV.   Youtube Ads

V.    Increase Instagram and Twitter Followers


Module 3: Get Hired

This will look into different digital marketing jobs to pursue. We will also look at what you should learn to stand out. Finally you will put together and analyze your own ad campaign.



I.      Content Marketing Strategies

II.     Website Traffic

III.   Creation and Optimization in E-Mail Marketing

IV.   Mail Chimp



I.      Affiliate Marketing

II.     How to Become a Digital Marketer

III.   What to Learn to Stand Out

IV.   Careers in Digital Marketing

V.    Interview Questions

VI.   Create Ad Campaign for your Product/Service



I.      Create Personal Website and Upload Portfolio

II.     Update LinkedIn

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