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Network Engineer

Course Contents and Duration

The course will train students in practical and conceptual depth of data transmission and computer networks to be able to perform function of a Network Engineer. Key topics covered include data transfer, the OSI and TCP/IP models, protocols, WAN and LAN topologies, devices and media, security and troubleshooting. This course prepares for other industry certifications such as Cisco.


In a digital world we live in today we are connected in many ways, but the ability to keep in contact with each other throughout the world of streaming, texts, gaming, emails, video and phone is achieved through networking. We depend on the internet to keep us updated with the latest data in the world. This course breaks down the understanding of networking and what is a network infrastructure.    

Duration: 40 Hours


Module 01: Defining Networking

1.1 What is Networking?

1.2 Why do we need it?

1.3 What is it used for?

1.4 Basic Networking setup?

Module 02: Network Basics

2.1 Network Protocols- TCP/IP, UDP, ARP, FTP, TFTP, SMTP, SSH, HTTP, HTTPS, Telnet


2.3 Inside/outside infrastructure

2.4 Network Topologies - Bus Topology, Star Topology, Mesh Topology, Ring Topology, Line Topology, Tree Topology, Fully Connected Topology

2.5 Thin Client/Thick Client Networking

Module 03: Basics Understanding of Network Devices

3.1 What is a bridge, switch and AP?

3.2 Layer 2 vs Layer 3 switches

3.3 What is a router, hub and modem?

3.4 Collison domains within devices

Module 04: Network Cable Types  

4.1 Most common network cables

4.2 STP and UTP twisted pair cables

4.3 Straight-through/Cross-over cables

4.4 Auto-MDIX inside of switches and TIA/EIA standards

4.5 Baseband VS Broadband signal

Module 05: Network Access methods

5.1 Token Passing



Module 06: IEEE Standards

6.1 IEEE

6.2 IEEE 802 standards

6.3 IEEE 802.11 Standards

6.4 Ethernet Speed Standards

Module 07: Configuring Network Device  

7.1 Static IP and Dynamic IP


7.3 IP reservations for devices on the network

7.4 Implement Full duplex, Half duplex and clocking

7.5 Troubleshooting commands

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