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Increasing network speeds are the main pillar of 2022 agenda and the more devices we use the better the speeds need to be to reach devices. We are approaching new horizons in technology one of the main focus is AI, which is a trend that is been newly emerging from the help of 5G. The main systems that will be impacted are the convergence from the data into a super speed tech in order to have tech into ordinary people that may not even have any experience in tech. Ready built AI solutions are increasing on the rise and fast data networks that will be used in this development. Upward technology and skill absence has changed, because of do it yourself solutions, people are now getting into tech at a faster rate. Anywhere from marketing or data research will need a bigger server in order to process information. Virtualization has been increasing throughout the workplace and has been the new model for young and older people that are in the job market. The Metaverse is a great example how we connect the physical environment into the digital world, side by side, to create a collective realization. The accuracy of the digital and physical world will be so close to the point technologies will be the main got to platform for day to day life. Due to the pandemic, which has helped pushed these new advances as a main forefront into the new matrix of tech will soon be the true reality. The main issue we encounter will be trusting AI tech and there are many people out there who still are not comfortable with moving too fast into a new world of tech. Many people still see technology harmful and may not agree with the pace we are moving and for them understanding tech is hard to grasp for many and this may be an obstacle when trying to explain to users of new technology too fast. Security issue may be a reason that exploits people when using AI technology and this is the beginning of the start of opening a new can of worms into the new world of tech.

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